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  • Nov 28, 2018
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What is the lactate test?
It is a set of running tests aimed at identifying the objective status of the rider's current form, by evaluating three parameters:
↱ the concentration of lactic acid;
↱ the speed held during the tests;
↱ heart rate.
Through the combined analysis of the three parameters we will establish the personal training thresholds (aerobic threshold - which represents the correct intensity to carry out the regeneration work, the averages and the lipid works designed to lose weight - and anaerobic threshold - which represents the appropriate intensity to perform aerobic and anaerobic power training in order to improve their athletic performance).
What is it about ?
An anthropometric test to define the percentages of muscle mass / body fat;
↱ lactate test: this is an incremental test, taking place on the track from 3 to 5 trials lasting about 5 minutes each. During each test the speed must be kept as constant as possible. The expected speed increase between one test and another is about 1 km per hour. At the end of each test, the concentration of lactic acid is measured with appropriate technical equipment.
↱ identification of personalized training zones (aerobic and anaerobic threshold).
Who is it for?
↱ athletes, whether they are expert athletes or race beginners;
↱ coaches (the test provides scientific data on which to set up your own training
↱ overweight people (the test identifies the intensity and the correct heartbeats aimed at a
training that allows you to consume more fat).
What is it for?
To train with highly personalized parameters, optimizing the training in order to improve its performance and avoid excessive or too bland loads. The goal is to provide the body with a training stimulus and an adequate recovery phase.
It is also useful for those who want to lose weight, improving physical appearance and / or well-being.
Whom is it performed?
Dr. Salvatore Mauro Vinci. FIDAL technician; currently coach of Milano Atletica, he followed the athletes of Riccardi Milano and of Pro Patria CUS Milano.
Many years of experience in the application of tests to check the fitness of athletes and newcomers of the race, gained at the Marathon Sport Center of Brescia, as well as the construction of highly customized workouts.

if you are interested in carrying out the test contact us by e-mail and you will have a special rate

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