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  • Nov 28, 2018
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Today we interview Edoardo Melloni who arrived fourth in Osimo in the short Cross a few meters from Abdikadar and the Zoghlami brothers, a growing boy to watch carefully!


Edoardo Melloni
Born in Rome on 07/08/1990
Personal records:
800 m: 1'54 "40 (Salò - 2018)
1500 m: 3'49 "89 (Savona - 2018)
3000 m: 8'25 "54 (Milan - 2018)
5000 m: 15'03 "69 (Nembro - 2018)
10 km: 31'33 "(Milan - 2017)
2018 Results:
1st place in teams Italian Championship of Bronze National Final Society
5th place Italian Society Championship 5000 m
15th place Absolute Italian Championships Outdoor 1500 m

Hello Edoardo, tell us a little 'how was born the passion of the race and how much are you running?
Hi Matteo! The passion for running was born after stopping playing tennis, mainly to keep fit. After quitting I had put on a few extra pounds, as often happens when you end up playing sports at a competitive level. Initially I was going to run once or twice a week at the park, no structured training. I started to have a "structured" program in 2013, at 23, training 3 times a week. I did the jump at the age of 25, when I started training 6/7 times a week.

Besides running at excellent levels, you also work, what do you do in life?
I graduated in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. I worked in Foster Wheeler for 3 years, dealing with oil refineries. Currently I have been working for just over a year in Desmet Ballestra, a company that deals with design and construction of chemical plants all over the world. It is not always easy to reconcile sport and work but I am grateful to both of these companies for giving me the right balance between life and work that allows me to carry on this great passion.

What are your competitive goals this year?
This year I would like to prepare a good winter cross season. I am convinced that it is a fundamental step and then be able to do well on the track during the outdoor season. The main objectives are a good placement at the Italian Cross Championships in March and being able to enter the first 10 at the Italian Championships Absolute in 1500. Maybe I will also do some indoor races but I do not exclude not to compete more on track until next spring.

How do you train in a typical week?
The typical week during winter training consists of 7 training sessions. Two workouts require very intense efforts, a workout instead is called "intermediate" while the other four are slow runs, many miles at easy pace.

In the workouts which shoe do you use?
My favorite shoe, used in 80% of my workouts, is the Nike Vomero. From past models to today have made a great leap in quality so that a year and a half ago has become my shoe for every day.

What feelings do you find? What are your strengths?
La Vomero is that shoe that puts in the bag allows you to do almost all training.
The first concern for every athlete, both agonist and amateur, should be to protect and preserve the joints with a protective shoe. I am 187 cm tall by 72 kg and in the Vomero I found the right protection, without giving up a good dose of reactivity. This is the shoe I use for all lenses, for longer mediums (over 10 km) and for climbs. It also happened to make us repeat more brilliant, with rhythms below 3 minutes per kilometer, a true universal shoe!

Who would you recommend it to?

I would recommend to those who do not have particular problems of support of the foot and all those people who seek an excellent compromise between protection and reactivity, not wanting to focus on shoes with excessive softness.

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