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  • Dec 11, 2018
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Interviewing Salvatore Gambino athlete Don Kenya Runners who ran marathon in Reggio Emilia reaching eighth in 2.28.53 new personal record

Actually I had not planned, it was a period in which I felt good, I had no other competitive commitments and I made the final decision to run it only a week before (to tell the truth after seeing that the expected weather was very favorable), as a result I did not have high expectations, but I felt that I could still aspire to a performance very close to my personal.


The race went as I had studied it; I knew I did not find many "allies" to keep up the pace, so I preferred to stay covered with the group of the first woman until the 35th. At the restaurant I noticed that I had almost unintentionally benefited from about 20 meters and at that moment I decided to risk trying to increase the pace. I would say that it went well because I closed in crescendo and with a second part in "negative split"

Given the distance (and consequently the not having to run at very high rates) I opted for the Pegasus Turbo to have the possibility of a good cushioning in the second part of the race (when the effort would be felt on the legs) without giving up lightness ( No. 42.5 weighs only 225 grams) and reactivity. I would say that the choice turned out to be right because in the post-race I did not feel the pains in my calves that usually appear after every long race.

What feelings do you look for in shoes with which you run in training and, in contrast, in competitions?
Usually I prefer to "rotate" a lot of shoes so as to accustom the foot to different shoes according to different rhythms.In the race no doubt, risk with more competitive shoes like Adidas Adios (praying the next day to have the calves still healthy) , even if I'm curious to try the new Nike ZoomFly. In training (especially for long and slow racing) I almost always opt for a more protective shoe (lately I use the Nike Pegasus because I find the right compromise between comfort and reactivity), even if in the shorter and faster training sessions on the track I wear almost always lighter and more responsive shoes such as Le Pegasus Turbo.


Unfortunately for about 2 years, due to family commitments, I do not set myself too "targeted" goals, but I prefer to wait to be physically healthy and to plan some short / medium term races (as happened for Reggio Emilia). However in 2019 I will try to risk something more in the marathon and to continue to have a good continuity of results in half marathon (which is definitely the distance on which I can express myself better and that requires less time in training)

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