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  • Apr 17, 2019
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Past the euphoria for the clear improvement of 6'30 "of the personal best compared to the previous recorded at the Reggio Emilia Marathon last December, it is time to analyze the details of the performance in order to repeat the positive choices and correct the errors on the occasion of a future attempt.

The first category certainly includes the shoe used, namely the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%; became part of my large collection and bought by Donkenyarun only two weeks before the race. The first goal I set myself was to run in some training on the track so as to get used to a model never used before, but without having the chance to test them in a medium-long race (in hindsight an error not to be repeated and that could cost me dear).

But now I had them available and so on the "break-in" with some initial lengthening and two training sessions on the track for a total of about 30km (actually too few). The first impact was that of a "different" shoe, very light, soft, snug, very responsive in the forefoot area, but with a small flaw (probably due to my support) of a slight tendency to pronate in the case of mild rhythms.

At the end of the training test, repeated course between 500mt and 3000m with rhythms between 2'50 "/ km and 3" 10 "/ Km the sensations were definitely positive especially in the boost phase, in which I have could notice a surprising elasticity in the face of an even maximal effort given the approach of the great appointment, and in the landing phase, in which one feels all its softness.

The day of the race opens immediately with an unwelcome surprise: light rain with relative wet asphalt, not good news looking at the smooth sole of the shoe but, after a few extensions pushed in the warm-up phase, even the last doubts of wet grip are dispelled . During the race the positive sensations found in the training sessions are confirmed in toto even at a slightly slower pace (around 3'20 "/ km), with the addition of the most surprising aspect for me (second only to the incredulity of my finish time - 2h22'24 ") of the excellent grip in the wet, even in the paved sections.

Does everything end after the finish line? For me no; to promote a shoe I wait for the day after, the day when the legs no longer think about the result, but count the "wounds" reported. Well in my case the diagnosis was a couple of days of predictable muscle fatigue and no pain due to a wrong choice / defect of the shoes.

Ultimately, this shoe is recommended for those looking for the maximum energy return in the face of a perfect push and for those who run at decidedly high rates. The behavior cannot be judged in case of supervening crisis in the race and therefore of running with tired legs as, fortunately, I ran the marathon with a constant rhythm and without final drop.

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