The name Donkenya derives from a nickname given to me by some training partner at the age of 18.
"Don" because despite my very young age, driven by my great
passion for the race and for the world around us, I became
soon manager of some of the strongest athletes of the national average distance.
"Kenya" derives from the characteristics of my body and my attitudes
classic Kenyan runners I've always been inspired by.

This led, in a short time, to make everyone start calling me Donkenya, thus forgetting my real name.
At the age of 20, when I decided to open my first store, it is not
It was so hard to decide how to call it.
The first Donkenya Run was born in the city of Milan.
After 8 years, to try to meet the demands and needs of
part of the customers and runners all over the world, I have developed and implemented the
new online store Donkenya Run, a site full of all the news of the
moment and equipped with the best products on the market:
Shoes, technical clothing, sports watches, heart rate monitors,
limited accessories and editions., thanks to the help and constant presence of Matteo, in
The art of Donkenya is able to advise you personally what the shoe is
right for you.
Are you a professional athlete? You have the opportunity to choose your shoe
and order from anywhere in the world where you are.
Are you an experienced Runner? We can advise you how to improve yours
and what will be the shoe that can guarantee them.
Do you like running to keep yourself in training? You can trust us to be sure
wear the most comfortable and suitable shoe for the distances you travel

"That day, I do not know why I decided to go running a bit,
so I ran to the end of the road, and once there I thought of running
until the end of the city, and once there I thought of running through the
Greenbow County. Then I told myself, since I have come so far
it is worth running through the beautiful state of Alabama, and so I did. Courses
through all of Alabama, and I do not know why I kept going. Courses up
to the ocean and, once there, I told myself, since I have arrived here
I might as well turn around and keep running. When I arrived at another ocean,
I told myself, since I have arrived here, I might as well turn around again
keep running; when I was tired I slept, when I was hungry I ate,
when I had to do ... in short, I did it! "

From the Film
Forrest Gump